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标题: LiteForex外汇公司对浮动点差账户改变margin要求 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2011-8-6 18:21     标题: LiteForex外汇公司对浮动点差账户改变margin要求

LiteForex外汇从2011年8月8日0点起,LiteForex外汇公司将Margin Call设置在100%,Stop Out设置在50%。请注意新条件适用于所有老账户和新开户,请维持足够的外汇保证金在你的账户里。
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From 08th of August, 2011, since 00.00.00 (GMT + 2, terminal time)  the Company will make Margin Call Level is set at 100%, and the Stop Out - 50%. Please take notice that the new conditions will apply to both old and to the newly created accounts. Please, take care to maintain a sufficient level of resources to ensure collateral requirements for open positions.

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