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标题: HotForex外汇保证金投资平台增加新产品 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2011-7-30 20:40     标题: HotForex外汇保证金投资平台增加新产品

HotForex外汇公司继续增进交易者的体验,我们将增加HotForex外汇的流动性和交易产品范围。7 E$ }7 z9 ]8 [
交易者将还可以在HotForex交易账户交易FTSE 100, S&P 500, NASDAQ, DAX。共有交易12种世界指数,HotForex的各种平台MT4 platform, WebTrader or new I-Phone都可以交易。
  a1 N0 J5 X. t还加了金和银产品,用欧元或美元交易。# V4 `& ?6 ^- }" E
9 f8 g5 r' j6 X8 w* B* b2 C$ v! X+ h: B1 J
HotForex外汇免费开户链接9 |3 U2 R0 N# T( E: ]4 |

$ h7 }  I" T% v' M/ YIn line with the HotForex commitment to continually improve its trader experience, we are pleased to announce that we will be adding to our liquidity and product range.% M5 ?7 Z# \+ ]9 V" p  o
Following the introduction of the additional liquidity you will be now be able to trade the FTSE 100, S&P 500, NASDAQ, DAX and much more all from your HotForex account. In total you will have access to 12 worldwide indices all of which can be traded on margin from within a platform that you are already comfortable. Whether you are trading with the HotForex MT4 platform, WebTrader or new I-Phone application you will never be far from the world stock markets. " Q- C3 T8 B# W& R: E8 u3 O' E% m
In addition to this, we will also be adding to our Gold and Silver products by streaming prices in Euro as well as the conventional United States Dollar.
- J% d9 y/ r0 y+ [4 U2 T8 ]The final change in the product range will be the addition of new currency pairs pushing the total number on offer to over 40. + R$ D' Z* u) d
Whilst these changes will be to the long term benefit of the trader it does mean that we will have to make some changes to the way that the platform deals with margin on all products and the trading sizes associated to Gold, Silver and Oil. These changes will take place following the close on the 22nd July and be in force from this date. In order to check the contract specifications, you will need to refer to the HotForex website or alternatively follow this link for further information.
0 x) L. X% |+ A* bIn order to avoid any potential margining issues with regards to open oil, gold and silver positions, we kindly ask that you check that any positions held have sufficient free equity to cover their margining requirements. All the margining requirements are available on the website. In the event that you do not have the equity to cover the position you should close the trades and re-open with smaller volumes under the new regime.$ `3 T$ M: v0 d# }3 C3 F5 ]) A
Please note that the margin for Forex positions opened prior to the changes will not be affected.$ R5 v6 S3 c; s$ ^
Any commodity positions that are not closed will be under the new margining requirements and wherever necessary Gold, Silver and Oil will be adjusted to reflect their current size under the new regime. We will not be held liable for any open positions that have been stopped out due to insufficient margin.0 p/ t) l8 ]$ `/ K4 _( a& P. r: d
In order to implement the above changes we will be closing all trading activity on Friday 22nd July at 23:00 GMT. ( O) q% h6 o( K' j' O% {( _7 e, K

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