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标题: 选择FXPrimus百利汇外汇的理由 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2011-6-4 16:39     标题: 选择FXPrimus百利汇外汇的理由

选择FXPrimus百利汇外汇的19个理由# B4 H2 V( I% W- }: Z
8 q& M( p9 o: U9 G. [7 t+ L. z0 h
6 a# m9 O6 s) q& K4 i
) U1 C3 Y' f! _& n# e/ M+ QFXPRIMUS外汇交易商平台是外汇交易者做外汇交易的正确地方。# M- V% f, @! k/ J2 o
看看FXPRIMUS外汇有哪些特点:" J: P& [9 p* T/ n& B

% `2 P5 I4 [+ }1. 资金安全
& P1 S7 U7 x( I# l2 Q. P! MAn industry first. Independently administered segregated accounts by Turnstone Group. Trust Accounts available for all account sizes.
+ l' u  Q2 I5 l8 q3 w) l
# H" ~4 g/ p# y! q0 y: }2. 由外汇交易者创建的平台
& x& {' Q0 r4 r$ n) |: TTrade on a platform created by traders for traders because as retail and institutional traders ourselves, we were frustrated with the limitations of other brokerage platforms.0 q/ J" V" ^# `

3 G) U: s# W! c6 A0 T. v5 u3. 快速且方便的存取款# X2 s! n" A" O8 S6 p
The fastest, easiest and most cost effective account funding and withdrawal options in the industry. Your choice of wire transfer, credit card or local deposit at banks in 53 countries.% T7 z8 ~0 H4 @( [

8 ?& ~5 Q; a, ]2 m" b$ p1 y4. 没有人工干预3 V& Y& W' b) A) e7 u5 l
We do not trade against you. We're on your side of the game. You get the fastest, most efficient trade execution because we are a Straight Through Processing (STP) broker, which means no dealing desk and the most profitable trading for you.! y- \- N' w$ ]( Z

- c$ D! `# F" f) A2 X8 }5. 快速成交,无重新报价,无滑点$ [/ n* d& G/ F7 S1 n7 j; i/ F2 \9 ^
NO requotes and NO slippage during normal market volatility. Get in and out at the price you want to.
' I. m1 @/ m. g! E3 O# m  N/ c5 S2 T9 O$ I
6. 可以用iPhone或iPad交易; x9 h/ T! v+ q4 z
FX-onTap, our free iPhone and iPad app, lets you trade on the FXPRIMUS platform while you're on the go! Learn more about FX-onTap.9 _2 }8 v4 W. R' W

' m( ^; H( l+ k! W6 O& e5 i, z; ]7. 可以用网页浏览器交易- t& I. g, x- c
Access your MT4 account from any browser on your PC, Mac or Linux computer. Learn more about the FXPRIMUS WebTrader.1 K% j# c3 w% Y( s
2 h9 K- p1 C1 @  f) `% {
8. 快捷开户
2 y) W6 K9 g+ g9 HAccount approvals in up to 24 hours so you can start trading fast.
; [. q. r- ~. r0 ]' N0 t
2 @- ^; A- r8 F9. 每天24小时快捷客服' J  r$ q8 v0 e# ?7 Y
24 x 5 customer support by live chat and email. Response to your queries within 12-24 hours regardless of your account size.
$ g7 t' m7 M. d. |: ?! y0 Y
' W# r$ y$ O! {0 B0 i* Y2 BFXPrimus外汇免费开户链接4 |" O& `- O  c' o. ?; n# Y; m

# v) c$ p; w- x% i( S10. 高杠杆
! `0 M0 o- n6 b  U, m! d0 f" oYou can request leverage up to 500:1.
$ m0 D. W% l4 ]' r; _0 O5 p' g; W# ~5 K4 S' w2 U
11. 除外汇外,还有多种产品可以交易/ n. F3 t" `% j2 S3 M1 b( R
You can trade 43 financial instruments including Forex plus metals (gold, silver), oils (gasoline, oil, heating oil, natural gas), commodities CFDs (wheat, corn, soybeans, sugar, coffee) and major indexes (S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones).
) K$ v  N  b/ x" W
" C7 S0 [* \2 M* d% J12. 允许任何模式交易,对冲等6 ?2 M% u1 V2 J9 d2 e
You can hedge and trade any style you like.
1 v$ K" k! Y: d3 M% b$ t/ F" m+ s, \. m7 I9 g1 n0 \
13.        多种账户可供选择
/ J1 B6 F7 _2 ^- z- {4 b5 lTrade Micro, Mini and Standard lots all under a single account.
0 Y2 T* X. h9 S- C1 [+ E5 l
$ ]! K  p( x  ^8 a3 D! M14.        可以选择固定点差,浮动点差,以及ECN0 J+ J1 w. X1 q
Choose between fixed, variable and ECN Premier spreads. Feel free to switch between your spread selections any time you like.
1 K* M8 {- k3 X6 Y, d8 J3 l8 H# v
15. 开户赠送外汇培训视频
3 S# M! `% a, G" U1 yOpen a LIVE account with as little as USD250 and receive FREE video training covering advanced topics for experienced traders from CNBC market analyst! q4 u; G6 W1 C' ~
Mario Sant Singh, FXPRIMUS Director of Training & Education.
  {" f$ {7 z6 C2 B  H
9 d/ T: y. _; ^" b0 h! A16.        免费60天练习帐户& A6 |5 W$ [3 ]9 p$ i
Open a FREE Practice Account and trade with virtual money.$ O- \, R! w4 Q. t) I& F
2 s; K" n9 X. E' ~$ L
17.        FSC监管(Financial Services Commission)
. `4 r7 _$ c: q9 G4 \view the relevant legal documents here (70KB PDF).4 @. C) ^9 k( Z, r7 @
( C0 B4 R$ ^0 G
18.        先进的MT4平台
# x4 p  w, e) U, V# P: }2 ?# g3 XPreferred by most of the world's traders.' x) O- c# O6 |
5 X% u% E1 P6 E) E* u
19. 免隔夜利息账户, }8 Z- g- t3 B. g5 [% s
We offer swap free, Shariah compliant accounts for those who prefer this option.9 |/ z2 E! q& h
. L& f- |' x, t
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