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标题: Go Markets外汇交易平台,公司扩大业务到欧洲市场 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2011-1-21 18:48     标题: Go Markets外汇交易平台,公司扩大业务到欧洲市场

Go Markets外汇交易商业务继续扩张,将扩大到欧洲市场,在伦敦设立新的中心,更好地服务欧洲客户。' o3 X2 ~, `3 |& Q( g' Y! y
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' Q; f( B: x* G9 g; f5 X" ZThese are exciting times at GO Markets.We will continue with major expansion plans throughout 2011 and beyond with one goal in mind – offering you the best possible Forex trading environment.  As many of you will be aware, towards the end of 2010 we made our most significant upgrade to date by completely overhauling our trading server infrastructure.  This was executed with the knowledge that our clients’ trading will be significantly enhanced through our provision of even better execution speeds and reliability of connection.2 r) S. _  g* h. a
On the 17th January, 2011 we added a new data centre to our server environment. The new DC is located in London, and will bring even faster execution to our clients across Europe. We will continue to add enhancements and upgrade our services as is required to ensure that your trading runs as smoothly as possible.
$ T1 A  h2 U" D1 w  qThe next significant move forward for GO Markets is exciting for all of us as we enter the final stage in preparations for the opening of
( L/ @' I$ F* n$ t: z7 |6 D  Jour new, European office. Open in the next few weeks, our new office in The Netherlands will help us to reinforce our position as one of the world's leading MetaTrader4 brokers.  Through our
" O7 Y$ Y0 N. Y: f1 V1 kEuropean office we will be able to offer our clients an enhanced customer service experience with true, 24-hour customer service and support, including live chat, telephone service and trade support.

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