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标题: GO Markets外汇公司获得了2010年亚太地区最佳外汇交易商称号 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2010-12-23 18:28     标题: GO Markets外汇公司获得了2010年亚太地区最佳外汇交易商称号

GO Markets Pty Ltd is a multi award winning  Australian registered and regulated company (ASIC regulated. AFSL licence  number 254963) offering spot Forex and metals to an extensive global client  base both here in Australia and overseas using the market-leading
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9 O9 I. p. ~" A( O! f5 H1 v. RWith a focus on client services and support, GO Markets strive to bring a  secure and honest approach to Forex trading. With 100% Straight Through  Processing and prices streamed straight from a number of leading banks and  financial institutions traders benefit from market leading spreads and  immediate execution without fear of dealing desks and manipulation. , C+ \5 Z4 X! j3 z4 v( Y4 B( I" ^, w
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Go Markets also ensure that all client funds are held in a segregated client  trust account and choose an AA-rated bank for added security. Under no  circumstances whatsoever are those funds used for any other purpose than for  clients trading.

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