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标题: MasterForex外汇商将参加2010年莫斯科外汇展 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2010-11-18 07:39     标题: MasterForex外汇商将参加2010年莫斯科外汇展

MasterForex will take part in Moscow exhibition Forex Expo 2010
) ~& H, ]7 V, `9 T' S0 ?# W1 EIn Nobember 19-20, 2010 MasterForex invites you to the exhibition Forex Expo which will be held in Moscow, hotel Radisson Slavyanskaya, square of Europe, 2 (ploshad’ Evropi, 2). Our company will be represented on the stand F03., o! L9 s3 n: k" t& x9 R- J5 e
Moscow Forex Expo is a leading exhibition in its segment. Its aim is orientation of consumers in the variety of services of the currency market. Traders will get an access to the freshest information about the state of Forex market in Russia and all around the world and also will have an opportunity to talk to the chief executives of the largest financial companies.! @6 \. O+ R. M  \7 T! f
From the moment of MasterForex participation in the exhibition Forex Expo in 2009 we have achieved incredible results:9 W' f" }! k2 V0 B7 z5 R& A
- we opened 12 representative offices all around the world (Russia, Ukraine, Indonesia);
% L' G. ?! A3 N8 x3 J9 b- we enlarged the list of Forex instruments, launched CFD trading;
& S4 _+ a& D& o. s- we won the award “The best broker of Russia & CIS - 2010” from the world famous magazine World Finance;- {8 [# g1 R; B$ S- _
-we launched new trading platforms MetaTrader 5 and MF MultiTerminal;
: W. y$ K) X) g- we launched Indonesian, Malaysian and Spanish versions of the site;: i, |' z/ n: i: Q  I% ^
- we represented our products and services at three regional and international industrial exhibitions;# x9 G3 ?5 g  Q$ u& s5 A: K+ S
- we introduced a wide variety of analytical services: daily analytical reviews, analytical informers, a table of macroeconomic indicators.4 h  {. z' i$ Z: y" U3 d5 u8 J
Why social activity is so important for brokers3 b" @' U# a1 n+ \2 X
MasterForex is always in the center of very important Forex events: we arrange conferences, participate in creation new formats, make reports and  give comments about any topic with great pleasure. It is this social activity that gives us the right to state that we are really ready to communicate with clients. Traders respect and trust MasterForex because they know us by sight and can ask any questions and make any suggestions.
) ?$ B8 @8 R1 Y* j2 m/ SThe employees of MasterForex company will answer all your questions and will tell you about new products of the company. Also you will have a chance to open an account right at the exhibition, get valuable souvenirs and a lot of useful information.

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