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标题: EXNESS外汇平台用LibertyReserve(LR)和WebMoney取款不再收任何手续费 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2010-9-23 14:07     标题: EXNESS外汇平台用LibertyReserve(LR)和WebMoney取款不再收任何手续费

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; \. o, v* H$ i9 u好消息:从2010年9月21日开始,EXNESS外汇平台用LibertyReserve(LR)和WebMoney取款将不再收任何手续费---零手续费。
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No comission for LibertyReserve and WebMoney withdrawal8 H  |6 r3 F0 b; p. y1 l" e1 d8 j$ b

9 r/ z' c  j9 @+ o; _$ v2 t8 e: MEXNESS has made all WebMoney and Liberty Reserve payments free of charge. Among traders these payment systems are considered to be the most popular ones.9 t% t4 ~/ r! h: c! y
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Optimization of deposit and withdrawal processes is one of the prior aims of the Company's activity.' x: a7 R( f7 i

1 _( c# t8 _! S/ t" f; `From the 21st of September, incoming and outgoing payments by WebMoney and Liberty Reserve are free of charge for the Company's Clients.! i$ h1 |! c; J; n7 _: t/ ~; l2 C

& }' b! v0 m* d: o4 |' Z/ |, ^We kindly suggest our Clients taking into account that EXNESS is not responsible for depositing and withdrawing fees set by a payment system. If you have noticed that a commission was taken for your withdrawal to a WebMoney or Liberty Reserve purse, please contact the support team of the payment system for explanation.
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