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标题: MasterForex外汇商推出预付卡 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2010-9-10 09:35     标题: MasterForex外汇商推出预付卡

Pre-payment cards: useful and convenient!
$ u" D4 ]9 X2 y; M; ~- p7 QMasterForex has launched the new service – “Pre-payment cards”.  
/ t7 _; W) w+ j$ WDear partners! MasterForex is glad to introduce the new service “Pre-payment cards” by virtue of which you can offer your clients an incredibly convenient service.
# u% L3 I; p9 o2 w+ A! zPre-payment cards – is a system of depositing your clients’ accounts. Instant deposit feature grants this system the unquestionable advantage in comparison to the other account deposit options.  
( }1 d- [+ f# \% n- y: [From now on client won’t have to wait for deposit request to be processed. By virtue of pre-payment cards implementation he/she gets an instant deposit and you once again show your clients a high quality and comfortable service!- w) O8 C, C! W, X) t. Q5 V- K
More information on the service can be found in the Partner’s office., V0 t5 M0 `. L. x! k% x# A
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