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标题: FXOpen外汇平台获得2010年最佳外汇平台奖 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2010-9-5 21:14     标题: FXOpen外汇平台获得2010年最佳外汇平台奖

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' `4 c. N) \/ |0 t& \August 30, 2010. FXOpen, one of the world’s leading FOREX brokerage companies, is pleased to announce that it has received the Falcon Award as a Global FX Broker in the sub-category Best Platform according to the FX Traders’ Choice Awards 2010.9 U/ w6 b# _& m* W/ S
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The FX Traders’ Choice Awards is a joint project of IBTIMESFX, the Forex portal of IBTimes, a leading global financial newspaper online, and Forex Datasource, a leader in the area of FX broker sentiment analysis and retail FX market research. Its goal is to empower traders with reliable information and help them select reputable brokers. The 2010 FX Traders’ Choice Awards reflects the broker preferences of thousands of retail Forex traders from 111 countries, a 35% increase in the geographic scope over the 2009 Awards. The FX Traders’ Choice Awards stand out because of their large geographic scope, their integrity, and their scientific approach for data collection and analysis.4 x" h- ^- x. O5 Y5 Z0 Z9 G
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Brokers that achieved a Top-10 position by number of votes in two or more continents were designated Global FX Brokers. It signals strong trader approval, and shows that a broker firm ranks at the top in a very select group of large brokers. Furthermore, it demonstrates that a broker has achieved consistent and sizeable appeal in various parts of the world.3 ?: r( A- G/ G8 r

# i  h; k0 Y9 g$ q5 C7 m( I& w“We believe that receiving this award is the result of the Company’s policy and hard work over the last several years”, commented Denis Peganov, FXOpen’s Development Director. “We’ll keep on providing our customers with fair, professional and convenient services. We also know that in this competitive market the broker with the best technology wins. That’s why we will keep on introducing industry ground-breaking technologies just as we did with the first ever ECN-MT4 trading platform and PAMM accounts. We plan to release the first ever trader’s CRM, new payment solutions, a support tickets systems and several more cutting-edge technologies. We are sure that our clients will strongly benefit from it and will appreciate our efforts and trader-oriented approach”.4 t) @5 @4 ]; D1 w

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