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标题: GoMarkets外汇公司推出新的网页交易平台 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2011-12-6 19:28     标题: GoMarkets外汇公司推出新的网页交易平台

" Q7 g) n7 J& E' W/ ~8 W2 V! ^9 R你可以通过浏览器直接访问你的MT4外汇账户,不再需要下载MT4软件安装到你的电脑% l$ y# a$ J, V3 `7 U$ h/ ~+ o
3 u' ^1 y# \5 l" {7 U可以在Mac OS X, Windows和Linux上做外汇交易3 P0 n& G; {% {% X3 T. |% `; E5 f3 [
, E) ?  B2 G2 r+ X9 J5 R6 l安全连接
3 T& G5 O) [  y( @可以用14种不同的语言
: x  S4 U( @  Z# G# r拖放技术,简单易用
" b* _1 e! I$ v6 a3 ^5 Y: l具有MT4的优质功能
7 V  b9 \! X2 m* S你在任何地方都能交易。5 T- w4 A) O+ n
/ M6 b# h- E; v1 [6 m9 d
At GO Markets Forex, we continue to upgrade our services to bring you the latest in trading technology. Our most recent exciting introduction (especially for Mac Users) is the addition of a new WebTrader platform, available for all to use.+ T! m+ N3 C" y' O( s
Direct, Secure Access to your MT4 Account Online0 ?7 L: m% s  S0 @( Y. l
Our WebTrader platform provides the power of sophisticated and fully customisable trading facilities without the need to install any software. Connection and data transmission are secured with an SSL connection meaning this platform is a brilliant solution for traders who don’t want to install our MetaTrader 4 trading software on their PCs.    ' F) o! a" D, Z6 D) m' k
Why Use WebTrader?% K" L" W$ s3 z7 V3 V: v
•Trade on Mac OS X, Windows & Linux
* T* a' v$ v1 Z0 k' q; h•No need to install software3 C1 y- w& I) ~0 x
•Secure connection
6 T8 K* g( e2 p( P) t' t•Secure access is guaranteed wherever an internet connection exists) v* q; d) b; D2 m; I. p
•Access in 14 different languages$ D6 K/ n2 G0 H4 G3 q! @) ^
WebTrader's Drag and Drop technology allows you to build your platform as you want it, whilst incorporating many of the popular features of the MT4 platform. ; B' b% F( E& ]% |+ f
Finally, an easy & secure way to trade on any operating system, no matter where you are.
" q# J. ]  B2 a; P: D! M! G3 T" cAdvanced Features:
1 k7 v# _3 h) \: `" }7 ^8 N•Monitors live prices via an advanced market watch , ]  L3 c" @8 j: c! j
•Creates enhanced real-time charts with technical analysis and indicators
) s4 V+ q4 t3 \8 X+ j•Opens and closes instant and market orders; places, amends, removes working orders:  Buy Stop, Sell Stop, Buy Limit, Sell Limit, Stop Loss, and Take Profit# D' u2 b1 a) c$ q5 |! f4 o
•Monitors and manages open positions, equity and exposure online

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