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标题: GoMarkets降低点差,免存款手续费,增加更多服务器 [打印本页]

作者: admin    时间: 2010-7-15 12:38     标题: GoMarkets降低点差,免存款手续费,增加更多服务器

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" y' f! {( \$ p" U+ U% @( ~0 ~  O3 NReduced Forex Spreads
9 i! `6 C* A  B' W7 y0 h5 X" z
We have recently reduced spreads on the following NINE popular currency pairs:
* }' N# B8 G/ j7 D1 i4 W* Z& C/ f* @9 K* w( v, b/ ~. x! ~& H2 ?$ H

" d+ z1 o7 e4 g2 x4 O6 B, z: l2 D+ O/ [" b' Z
With up to 70 banks and institutions contributing the best bid and ask rates available the spreads on offer are among the best available with spreads on major pairs from 0.5 pips. * j& f2 j( u. _7 H
, z5 h6 v. t4 `# f% _: W

6 \2 u' |& w; zBank Transfer Fees" K  |3 i: C( i8 L0 ?' n

5 D; L) R. l- zAs of Monday 19th July 2010 GO Markets will cover all fees charged by our bank, National Australia Bank, for receiving funds to deposit to your trading account. This applies to all clients, regardless of account size or trading volume. Please note this does not apply to credit/debit card or PayPal deposits. Funds sent from GO Markets to you may still be subject to fees charged by the involved banks. % V: r3 x7 G9 \7 r
* y6 N$ k/ X' |7 y* K9 t+ }
7 D3 S5 {  e, W& H" l
Upgraded Trading Server Systems' v7 P' S% `0 M
+ F6 t3 c$ a2 T) E- N7 f% z
GO Markets have now put in place infrastructure designed to give additional security, reliability and speed of execution. With MT4 Data Centres located in Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and coming soon North America and Europe augmenting the trading servers located in leading locations across the Asia-Pacific region. 4 X) r& q  s8 z+ W
! }  k: J$ P2 O2 o! k3 _
Remember, there is no minimum account balance and with leverage of up to 500:1 you can start trading with only a few dollars. You can fund your account through bank transfer, PayPal or credit card.
6 Y' p$ Q4 S# f5 d+ ~# |" E3 S
9 `$ F( w( j& d! y7 S& WGoMarkets免费开户链接

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